[Wine] Problems using Clue wordbook for windows

Kjell Arne Tvetmarken wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 17 03:30:45 CDT 2010

"Problems with wine"
I have bought the program seen above as an one user license. 
and got all relevant keys to install the program.
User Name: xxxx
Program Key: xxxx-yyyyy-zzzzzz
Dictionary Key  xxxxx-yyyyy-zzzzz

On my windows OS it works fine, but as I have decided to use only Linux (Ubantu) I have to solve some problems.
After one month I got a message that my 30 days test period has come to an end. 

I used Wine to install the program.
I have tried to delete it and have reinstalled it, no success.
I have been in touch with Clue - They did not have no solution except to copy the map for Clue from Programs in Windows to my program map in Ubuntu after installing. No success.

When I used Clue for the first 30 days I had an other problem.
In Norway we have three special letter; æ, ø and å (ae - o with a slash going trough - a with a little o standing over).
It was impossible to write words in Norwegian who include one of this three letters.

In Clue "options" where this letters occur it is correct. 
Writing e-mail it works fine.
I am using a K1801U from Fuijtsu Siemens as a keyboard.

I have tried this solution: install virtualbox-ose package in Ubuntu


1) - create a vitual machine
2) - install Windows in that virtual machine using the win install cd
3) - register windows call via phone Ms.
4) - install Clue

tHIS WORK, BUT I hope not to use Microsoft solutions :-)

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