[Wine] World of warcraft - Ubuntu 10.4 - Ati Radeon ati 4650 HD 1gb

Andrew McKinnon goodolandy2001 at yahoo.ca
Thu Jun 17 05:34:08 CDT 2010


I have the HD4350 card and my FPS got much better when I played the game 
full screen and inside of Wine with Emulated Desktop turned on.  If you 
have not tried the emulated desktop feature then go into the Wine 
configuration and click on the Desktop tab to turn on and set the screen 
size of the emulated desktop.

Hope it helps.


On 10-06-17 04:44 AM, ostage wrote:
> Hello, it's my first time on wine forum
> I have a problem with world of warcraft with the last patch on ubuntu 10.4, i've installed wine from the ubuntu software center, i try to start wow and and work fine but i have a low fps (15-16)
> i've try to set -opengl on the launcher code but nothink changed :\
> i've installed proprietary drivers from hardware settings for my ati 4650HD
> Can someone help me pls? 8)
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