[Wine] Re: FictionBook Editor work problems

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 17 11:16:05 CDT 2010

> In editor area the mouse cursor isn't visible. Also, all icons in toolbar are broken (can't see what operation will be executed after button press).

I downloaded the latest version of the app. It needs ie6 to start at all, and msxml4 for the sample file to display. The mouse cursor displays fine. As for the toolbar, icons are grayed out if the action is unavailable, and are filled in when they become active--e.g., you have to select text in order for the copy or cut icons to appear. I'm not really familiar with this app, but this seems to be the way it's supposed to work.

I don't know why you added the other winetricks, but they don't seem to be necessary, and are most likely the cause of your problem (especially comctl32). Try installing to a clean wineprefix with only winetricks ie6 msxml4. 

This is in 1.2-rc3; if you're using an older version of Wine, upgrade.

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