[Wine] Printing from an old Windows 3 program

Wolfgang.Klein wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 19 11:36:57 CDT 2010


there is an ancient piece of software, written in the days when Windows 3 was state of the art (shortly after the dinosaurs where wiped out), that I use every now and then. Unfortunately, there is no more up-to-date version, so I have to stick with the old one. 

The program works quite well using Wine, but it can not print. When I try to print I get a message saying that some commands are not usable, that the printer driver can't be loaded, that there is an error and that the program will be shut down.

Other applications running on Wine can print very well (via CUPS), it's just this one that can't.

Can I do anything to make this application print? It would be sufficient enough to save the printout to a PS or PDF file. I already tried to fiddle about the win.ini to install a PS-printer, but every time I start Wine, the printer entries are reset to default values and the manual added entry is deleted.

What else can I do? Would it make sense to try to install a printer driver from Windows 3 or will this blow up Wine?

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