[Wine] Re: Hypothetical question - for the devs...

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 19 13:28:54 CDT 2010

oiaohm wrote:
> Really some James McKenzie gets close to is that some of Wine issues these days is not coders.  Its lack of pro documentation writers to be able to help coders who cannot document well.  Ie not everyone can document simple fact of the matter yet they might be brilliant at finding solutions.  Then there are the people who can document but can only barely code who fear joining the project out of fear of screwing up.
> How we address this.  No clear idea.
> The issue is not as simple as more coders.   More coders help.  More documentation writers at this stage would give some large boosts.   Also more testers who do report and work hand and hand with developers help.
> As I say there is something that everyone can do in wine that help progress.
> Basically more of all classes of people with critical on documentation writers at this time.    Too many of one class really don't get us very far.  Instead lead to many wasted man hours.

theres problems with Documentation...  like myself, I have some coding skill, but not to the level to help much on Wine (yet... still learning stuff, which is why I play around making Wineskin as a hobby), but documentation I am good at.. I do not like making anything without it being well documented.  The problem I have with volunteering to help in documentation is that... without some of the coding knowledge or understanding the code, its very difficult to be able to document things correctly.  I'd be afraid of not being able to be thorough enough in documentation simply because I do not understand it good enough to be thorough.  Mistakes in documentation can often cause more problems than lack of documentation.

Maybe if all the coders could have some guide lines written up of specifics they have to document (even very crudely), then someone better at making easily understood documentation could re-write it... but the re-writer would have to be able to understand what it was in the first place.

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