[Wine] Mike Meyers A+ CD with wine

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 19 17:55:37 CDT 2010

justin1611 wrote:
> I am trying to use Mike Meyers A+ CD that came with his new book on the 701 and 702 exams but I'm pretty new to wine and not sure about the configuration settings that may be blocking me from properly running the application.  I am getting an OLE error as well as an error regarding the executable velocity.exe file.  I am not sure how to properly troubleshoot the app and I am currently browsing the the wine user guide to try and resolve the issue.  If anyone has tried to use his CD with wine and happened to get it working your input would be very much appreciated.  Thank you in advance for all your assistance.   :P
Find the file on your hard drive and then use the command:


wine velocity.exe


to run the program. 

You can find more on the Wine FAQ on how to do this and to generate a 
log file for placement on sites like pastebin.com

Without this information, we cannot begin to help you.

James McKenzie

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