[Wine] Bad COmpany 2 + Wine

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 19 19:50:40 CDT 2010

jchase520 wrote:
> sry meant to say it still wont un install
You might want to try the 'brute force' method of removal, if this is 
the only program loaded into Wine.

If not, you might want to try installing it into a separate Wine prefix 
(sometimes referred to as a Bottle)

There are two methods of doing this.  The following examples assume you 
are using the Borne Again Shell (bash).


export WINEPREFIX=$HOME/Winetestprefix

cd <directory/of/program/installer>

wine <installation program>  > /usr/tmp/install.log 2>&1


directory/of/program/installer is where the program's installer resides

installation program is the program to invoke installation of the program

The portion after the > is to direct output from the output stream and 
error stream into a file in /usr/tmp called install.log.  This does not 
prevent viewing the install while it is ongoing and any hidden text will 
NOT appear in the file.

Second method


cd <directory/of/program/installer>

WINEPREFIX=$HOME/Winetestprefix wine <installation program> > 
/usr/tmp/install.log 2>&1


This temporarily sets the files area for Wine.  The first method changes 
the files area for Wine until you either log out of the terminal 
session, reboot your computer or change it again.  The default Wine 
prefix value is $HOME/.wine

James McKenzie

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