[Wine] Re: Weird problem with UltraVNC Viewer

krunge wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 19 21:07:00 CDT 2010

James McKenzie wrote:
> krunge wrote:
> Can this be run through ssh X tunneling to the server?

VNC can be tunnelled through an ssh port redirection (-L ssh option.)  But I don't think  the ssh X tunnelling (-X or -Y option) would work; that redirects in the opposite direction (like -R) and also does some things special to the X11 protocol.

For SSH, one would need to install an ssh server on the UltraVNC server side (ultravnc knows nothing about the SSH protocol.)  One can set up an ssh server on windows, but I have never done it.

Or one could  use SSL tunnelling instead of SSH by using stunnel.  That I have done on windows for tunneling VNC and it works fine.

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