[Wine] Re: Hypothetical question - for the devs...

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 20 08:50:52 CDT 2010

> Its lack of pro documentation writers to be able to help coders who cannot document well.

doh123  Notice the way I wrote this.  Not you reading the code to work out what it does.  We are lacking a way to assign a person like you to a coder with a documentation issue.  Both of you work as one.   You ask coder about the code them you write the documentation then you send documentation to coder for approval of course this might take many cycles the first time.

Along the way starters out at coding get to know a section of wine and the coder with poor documentation skill might improve that.  Ie win win.  Of course some people will never be able to document well.   Just the way it is some areas might have to be teams for ever.

Yes it would be a more relaxed way for some new coders to enter.

Anyone who is good at documentation and poor tech skill with lots of time doing it.  Comes to learn creating documentation is never a solo effort.  Its always has to be a shared process.  Even between developers keeping documentation in a common style helps for developers switching between sections.

Yes what I am suggesting is a way to address some poorly documented sections.   Also it could be minor annoyance if wine ever grows a documentation quality group.  Ie a group who job is to find sections of code with poor documentation and question developer who did not document about it.  Don't know if this would be the next level in quality control evolution of wine.

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