[Wine] internet explorer

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 21 07:03:00 CDT 2010

sajadsa wrote:
> when i run this in the wine IE a box was appeared and then installing wrote :
> this application is trying to show on html page.wine needs Gecko(mozilla html engine)to be installed to show the page.click install if you want wine to automaticly download and install gecko
> i clicked install but nothing is shown and yet in the IE writes html renderring is currently disabled.
> my wine version:
> [sajad at sajad Documents]$ wine --version
> wine-1.1.18
This is a very old version of Wine.  Is there a particular reason you 
want/need to use it? 

If not, please upgrade to the latest development version, 1.2-rc4 and 
try to install IE using winetricks.  Only IE6 and IE7 are supported.  
IE8 will not work with Wine, yet.

James McKenzie

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