[Wine] Video call with QQ or any messenger

babykarma wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 22 23:19:48 CDT 2010

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie to wine, and am working on QQ or any other messengers in wine.
My environment is : ubuntu 10.04, installed wine 1.1.42, QQ2009. And during my debugging, I also check some source code from latest wine 1.2-rc4.

Although QQ's level is "garbage", but fortunately it works almost fine under wine, including login, text chat, ..... But the video call can only partially work.
I can see my friend's(he's under windows of course) video, while I can't see my preview video, of course he cannot see mine video too.

As a comparison, I run GraphEdt to check what's wrong with video capture and rendering, when I 'use clock', the same thing happens, no video rendering at all, but when I DONOT 'use clock', video rendering works fine.

Then I read the source code and find out one problem(maybe right, maybe wrong), when wine/dlls/qcap/v4l.c send media samples to downstream filters, it do not set any timestamp on it. Thus if I use VideoRenderer as I did in GraphEdt, the video render got wrong start and stop reference time for media sample, and then the synchronisation result will be very strange. So I modify the v4l.c and set proper timestamp on media sample. Good result, even when I 'use clock', the capture+render graph works find in GraphEdt.

But when I turn to QQ, my video capture+preview+encoding graph still seems don't work. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks a lot in advance.

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