[Wine] Re: problem installing dotnet 2.0

motub wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jun 23 05:50:18 CDT 2010

xSubZer0x wrote:
> when installing dotnet 2.0 the install crashes
> Code:
> <snip>
> Install of dotnet20 done
> winetricks done.
This does not indicate a crash, or indeed a failed install, insofar as winetricks is able to install .NET 2.0 at this time.

Wine is not Windows, and .NET is a complicated Windows framework, with links to many Windows underpinnings that Wine does not/can not/has no interest in being able to replicate. So while the install will currently be incomplete (.NET will not be installed as it would be in Windows), the relevant issue for us as Wine users is whether .NET is installed completely enough to fool the .NET application you're trying to run into believing that sufficient .NET support is present for it to run.

With that in mind, I would ask:

 - What version of Wine/Winetricks (the installer did literally crash/fail in earlier versions, pre-1.1.42 or so, but since then it works as in your log)?

 - Did the .NET installer complete by saying that .NET was successfully installed?

 - Does the application which requires .NET run? 

Probably (at least in my experience) the answer to the last two questions is "Yes".

So what I would say is don't get too excited about the install log-- the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say. What's important is whether the application requiring the install of .NET runs or not.

If your application does not run completely, or not at all, those failures would probably be better investigated from the application side, to trace them back to whatever underpinning may be the cause. But at this point, there is no indication of a real problem, as the .NET installer (probably) did not in fact crash, and (probably) installed enough of .NET to support your desired application, partially or fully.

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