[Wine] Re: Diablo 2 LOD not patching or playable

Chrislinux wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jun 25 20:28:17 CDT 2010

oiaohm wrote:
> Chrislinux playonline not supported here.
> http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=315  Should work without needing playonline.   Most likely suspect here is playonline has installed something they should not have.  Ie nothing extra should be installed to run this game.
> Then followed by since you are on Ubuntu is compiz causing opengl to glitch.
> Followed by pulseaudio causing audio lag putting game timing out.

Thanks for the reply. 

I looked at the link and then noticed that the game runs better in windowed mode and when I tried it that way it let me click options on the main screen but crashes when I try to go into an actual game giving me the following error:
Halt location line #2016 unrecoverable internal error 6fdc2d42

Do you think uninstalling the game, playonlinux and wine (which was packaged with playonlinux so might have been changed) and then reinstalling wine and the game might help?

As for the compiz thing; would turning the settings down help or would that have to be uninstalled as well? (if possible)

It says in the write up for Ubuntu that in windowed mode the audio problems are gone so I am guessing that would mean that as long as I play it windowed I don't need to worry about pulseaudio.

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