[Wine] Re: Having an issue with Gecko

thomas.mullaly wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jun 25 21:20:57 CDT 2010

Did you check in Synaptic to make sure you had the "wine1.2-gecko" package installed?

If it is installed and you're still having issues you can run this command in the terminal:

"rm -rf ~/.wine"
(without the quotation marks of course)

and then run the "Configure Wine" program. If you installed WINE using Synaptic you can do this by clicking "Applications -> Wine -> Configure Wine". When you do this WINE will automatically re-create the "~/.wine" directory and place a fresh copy of all the DLL's in it. Then just re-run the installer for your program. Normally this clears up any issues I'm having with Gecko.

-p.s. I'm also running Ubuntu 10.04[/quote]

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