[Wine] How to import registry of Windows XP backup?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 26 22:28:04 CDT 2010

Wuzzy wrote:

First and foremost, please, please, please folks, let's be 
professional.  Use of vulgar and derogatory language does not make 
things better, nor will they get your problem solved faster.  They may 
even cause folks to skip messages...
> So I want to know how I can get these keys out of the (non-exported) registry on my backup and get them into the Wine registry?
Since this is a Windows question, you are going to have to research 
this.  Wine does not have this feature, yet, and uses flat file 
registries (like those of Windows95 and Windows98.)   I highly suggest 
using Bing (since it is a Microsoft product) for starters.  This may 
require restoring those registry files and then exporting from them.

James McKenzie

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