[Wine] Different font problem.

Ebere wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 26 23:30:52 CDT 2010

I have spent a few days, doing searches here, and elsewhere for a solution to this problem, but all I have found is solutions to the opposite problem. 

I guess most people who have problems with the 'system' font in their fake windows... have too big a font.

Mine is too small.

Here is a pic:

[Image: http://lukasmountain.com/eve/forums/a/ga/ul/672108306/inlineimg/Y/FontScreenshot.png ]

You can see in the pic, that the 'system' fonts in the fake windows window, are way too small.

Compare them to the size of the fonts in the background, which is the edit page right here.

I know how to adjust the 'resolution' in wine configuration.

If I raise the resolution, the only fonts affected are the ones inside of applications.

This actually screws up applications like the one you see in the pic, because the graphics pretty much stay the same size, but the bigger font pushes everything around in the different frames.

What I need to know is how to set the SYSTEM font in the windows, larger.

Ant ideas ?

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