[Wine] Adding a DVD Writer device

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 27 18:48:01 CDT 2010

Bagel wrote:
> After my laptop corrupting dvd after dvd, I decided to plug in the dvd drive from my other PC, which broke down 2 months ago. I connected it through a USB SATA interface and since it´s the second drive, it´s under "/media/cdrom1/" now.
> However, Wine doesn´t detect the drive when I choose "Auto Detect", nor does it allow me to add an actual drive name when adding a new drive.
> OS: Ubuntu 10.04,
> Wine Ver.: 1.2 RC4.
> Drive Ver.: Toshiba TS-H653
> Special:
> - Drive connected through USB SATA.
You can create a symbolic link (which is what Wine does anyway)

cd $HOME/<Wineprefix>/dosdevices

This will give a list of devices.

ln -s /media/cdrom d:  (if a d: already exists, select the FIRST entry 
that does not have a : (leave the :: entries alone).  On my system this 
would be j. (c-i are in use...)

This should link the drive to the d: pseudodevice.

wine winecfg.

You should now see a device for your external drive where you put the 
symbolic link.

James McKenzie

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