[Wine] Morrowind GOTY on Darwine - empty resolution list?

ryan woodsmall rwoodsmall at mac.com
Sun Jun 27 20:52:02 CDT 2010

> It is? Ouch, didn't realise that. What's the current alternative?
> It's a new i7 Intel MacBook Pro.

Main wiki page on OS X:

You can build from source using info here:

Mike Kronenberg packages Winebottler, but you'll need to contact his team for support if you run into problems:

doh123 built Wineskin to package apps in a nice wrapper:

I have a project providing a scripted method to build Wine on OS X too, but it doesn't have any GUI - it's strictly Wine and it's prereqs - and you'll need to use the Google code site for any support requests:

You can use Macports or Fink as well.

There are a number of ways to run Wine on OS X, from easy to kind of painful. One thing you'll need to take into account is that the fullscreen X11 support on OS X is a bit lacking; you can run apps "fullscreen" in an emulated desktop to work around it.

Good luck, let us know what roadblocks you hit if any! -r

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