[Wine] Wine + "any program" = no sound in one of them

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 28 22:38:13 CDT 2010

VelvetKLeopard wrote:
>> http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#head-6ff921eb7a2dd15107ff48d792283ff984179401
>> Unless you're using a sound card with an emu10k1/2 chipset (SB Live!/Audigy) or another type of card that supports "hardware mixing" then you can only ever have one application using sound at the same time.
> Bull.  I am using the exact same hardware setup as my Ubuntu 8.04 version and I was able to run Wine as well as any number of other sound applications all at the same time just fine without any outside plugins or libraries.  And that is with the on board sound capabilities.
> I would rather stick with the stable version if I can.  I know it should work cause that is the version I have used before.
There will SOON be a new stable version.  However, we do want you to try 
the release candidates to insure that they do not regress or break what 
you 'know' to work.  In addition, if you report a bug in Wine 1.0.1, it 
will be ignored. That is because it is almost two years old and over one 
thousand fixes have been applied since its release.

Also, this may NOT be a Wine problem but rather a problem with Ubuntu.  
Since they switched to pulseaudio as their primary audio 'driver', 
problems have been reported that did not exist in prior releases.

James McKenzie

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