[Wine] minimized application in WINE but can't find it again

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 30 10:37:15 CDT 2010

Paul Romanyszyn <pgr at arcelectronicsinc.com> wrote:
>On 06/30/2010 09:53 AM, Darothane wrote:
>> using WINE 1.2-rc5
>> i've checked the running processes and it's still running but there is no icon :(
>> [Image: http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e154/Darothane/WINEandProcess.png ]
>If you are running Gnome (metacity) window manager and have desktop 
>effects turned off there was a won't fix as it is a bug with metacity 
>with desktop effects turned off. Try a different window manager or 
>enable desktop effects.
This is why the Wine developers recommend NOT using any 'fancy' windows managers like Metacity and Compiz.  They are not robust enough to handle situations like these.  If the problem continues, Alexandre recommended and so do I opening a bug report with the windows manager.  This is not a bug in Wine as it does work with Gnome/KDE/AQUA (MacOSX interface) through Apple's X11 process.

James McKenzie

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