[Wine] Re: Never had an app work in WINE

atalaras wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Mar 1 15:40:56 CST 2010

I feel your pain. I have been using wine for several months. One of the few apps i have gotten to work on Wine is Mozilla Firefox. But it seems that 75% of the apps i try are basically unuseable. 

In my opinion, Wine develoeprs are in general self absorbed and arrogant, do not listen to their users, are obsessed with minor performance tweaks that end up breaking applications, and with getting some ridiculous game some kid uses working rather than the really important and big stuff.

My repeated requests for help here have gone unanswered. I continue to find wine totally useless, with each release seem to have completely meaningless improvements on a few of the niche applications but do not actually get much in general to work right. I am tired of seeing so many compatability neglected while we see some fix for some ridiculous game.

I have actually seen applications regress. Firefox used to run perfectly, almost, now it wont run at all. 

Again the developers do not seem to care. 

I have made repeated requests here for help with firefox, and nothing. How could wine go from running Firefox perfectly to it being completely unusable? 

Get compatability right! Focus on getting all applications to work! Focus on compatibility first!

At the rate things are going, i dont expect wine to be useable EVER. The 1.0 designation is complete undeserved as this software is still a pile of crap that runs hardly anything except a game that some kid uses correctly! They have been at this since 1993 and 90% of windows apps dont run right? Please, give me a break.

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