[Wine] Re: Wine is freezing

simetri wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Mar 1 16:13:02 CST 2010

oiaohm wrote:
> simetri winecfg itself is mostly single threaded.   So while it waiting for hardware detects to report back it pauses.  Yes it really should say its busy.
> Really winecfg is not a good application to test for freesing with.  It design it is likely todo it.
> wine notepad is normally only hit by startup freeses.  Yes most of those are known things like font indexing.
> simetri locating freesing itself has many causes.  compiz running is also known to disrupt inputs and can cause feasing.  Same with pulseaudio running even if you have no sound card.   To be correct pulseaudio is more likely to cause wine to stall if it has no sound card.
> This is the problem stack of causes what one is it.

What do you suggest to me?

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