[Wine] Never had an app work in WINE

Scott drmemory at 3rivers.net
Mon Mar 1 16:34:15 CST 2010

On Mon, Mar 01, 2010 at 03:40:56PM -0600, atalaras wrote:
> I feel your pain. I have been using wine for several months. One of the few apps i have gotten to work on Wine is Mozilla Firefox. But it seems that 75% of the apps i try are basically unuseable. 
> In my opinion, Wine develoeprs are in general self absorbed and arrogant, do not listen to their users, are obsessed with minor performance tweaks that end up breaking applications, and with getting some ridiculous game some kid uses working rather than the really important and big stuff.

Second that. Not a gamer, just need to use a program for which there
exists no linux counterpart. Have received *no* help. Don't have time
to dig through old archives, FAQs, wikis, etc. I know the developers
are volunteers, but wouldn't getting a real live business program
running be a feather in *someone's* cap? As it is, I had to stuff a
crappy old windoze box on my network just so I can get this work done;
not happy.

scott swanson

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