[Wine] Re: Never had an app work in WINE

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 3 12:00:42 CST 2010

CasperTFG wrote:
> So I'll ask again.  Can anyone point me to different source of info?  

No. I've already pointed you to the sources of information I know to be reliable. Sure, there are lots of howtos floating around the internet--use them at your own risk. I say that as someone who spends a good bit of time on this forum giving advice on how to undo the problems caused by following outdated, unsupported instructions found on some forum or blog. 

Now, if nothing has worked for you, you're probably right in thinking that you're doing something wrong. It may even be something glaringly obvious to those of us with a bit more experience, but there's no way anyone here can tell you what it is if you refuse to tell us exactly what you've tried. We're not psychic. So I'll repeat my offer: pick one app that's rated gold or platinum in the AppDB that you haven't been able to install and/or run, and tell us exactly what you did and what went wrong. I'll try to help, and so will others.

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