[Wine] Re: Documents do not open when icon is clicked - Ubuntu 9.10

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Mar 5 04:04:24 CST 2010

jonners59.  So the alternatives are not good in your eyes.

I am sorry to say the quality of the alternatives like openoffice.org is directly linked to the size of there community.  People need to stop complaining about the quality of openoffice.org and the like and work on building them better.

MS products are particularly hard to run in wine and keep fully updated.

Wine is really never intended to be a full replacement to using native Linux programs.   It should be accepted that integration problems are going to happen.

Posix path to Windows path does not all the time solve out how applications will expect.  It should be expected at times to have application perform right having to run application first then using the applications own open function.

Its a bug that there is no cure to.   Its the different between platforms.

Some programs fail linked threw because they cannot query windows explorer for more information.    PS MS Office with some replacement shells for windows don't work either.

Just because you use it a lot and MS made it does not mean some of it actions are not broken even by windows design.

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