[Wine] Re: Wine on Mac -- ePSXE 1.7.0--PLEASE HELP!!

wad11656 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 7 21:18:36 CST 2010

wad11656 wrote:
> No, I'm quite sure the prefixes FUNCTION properly; I just don't know how to make them work and let alone know what prefixes ARE. Are they just directories that contain the .exe and everything else associated with it? When I said "prefixes" earlier, I meant "winetricks." Woops. You can install different winetricks with each prefix, correct? I'm just at a loss; Sorry.
> So how do I install a Prefix properly and which winetricks should I select? Thank you in advance!

(When I say "I'm quite sure the prefixes FUNCTION properly," I'm trying to say that the prefixes have the POTENTIAL to function properly if I can just configure them correctly...?

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