[Wine] 256 Bit Color Mode

Charles Davis cdavis at mymail.mines.edu
Sun Mar 7 23:26:33 CST 2010

On 3/7/10 6:44 PM, Michael_LaCorte wrote:
> Hello, I have recently been trying to get Starcraft Broodwar (PC) to run on my Macbook Pro (1.6.2). 
> I have installed Wine 1.1.40 using Macports and Wine seems to be working, however, when I try to launch Starcraft, an error pops up saying, "Starcraft was unable to switch video modes. To correct this problem, please set Desktop Area to 640 x 480 and Color Palette to 256 colors and try running Starcraft again."
> When I installed Starcraft under Ubuntu 9.10 (32-bit) using Wine 1.1.40 the game ran perfectly.
> Any ideas how I would correct this issue without having to run the game in windowed mode? The terminal output is as follows:
Why would you want to run the Windows version under Wine? Why can't you
just run the Mac version? I run the Mac version, and it works
perfectly--even if it is an old OS 9 Carbon application. (Sadly,
StarEdit doesn't work because it's not a Carbon app. Could that be why
you're trying to run the Windows version?)


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