[Wine] Wine Gecko install notification

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 9 20:45:04 CST 2010

doh123 wrote:
> It may be made that way for a reason, but most other things in Wine, as well as most well made programs, have a lot of options, without certain things forced on you... so it seems strange theres no way to disable it.  I don't care if something tries to load a web page and it shows a blank white screen, or errors or even crashes.  I make a certain prefix customized for 1 specific app, and if that 1 app doesn't need it, ever, for any reason... why install it?
> Its not so bad when it asked when it actually tried to use it, but now that it asks every single time your prefix gets updated or created, it turned annoying.

Wine is built to emulate, with all of the problems, the Windows API. 
Blame it on lazy programmers, but Internet Explorer call code is
EVERYWHERE.  I work with a user interface product that uses frames for
displaying information within the program shell.  We found this out when
we went to do some hardening of systems used by certain users. 

Thus, when you get an unexpected "html not enabled" message, don't blame
the project, blame the programmer for relying on the existence of
certain functionality.  I'm hoping that with the introduction of IEless
Windows 7, this will become less and less.

James McKenzie

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