[Wine] Re: Wine Gecko install notification

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 10 02:44:24 CST 2010

Run this doh123
WINEPREFIX=~/testwine wine notepad

Even that wine notepad.exe.so  is a elf-pe you can build this as  PE ie windows executable.  Yes you will notice the testwine prefix is created without asking once for gecko.   And gecko is not installed in that perfix at all.

Your claim that every single time a prefix gets created is bull for pure wine does not do it.  Might be a feature of wineskin that is a third party program outside our control.  If they have done stupidity is not our problem.

Yes there is a way to disable it.  Disable mshtml.  Most likely cause applications to fail to run.  Lots of applications are built on the presume mshtml exists.   Even so mshtml even in places avoids installing gecko.

Please be aware this is the wine forum we answer questions as if system being used is pure wine.   We don't do any support for third party alterations other wise we would be going up wall.

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