[Wine] Need help editing wine.

Charles Davis cdavis at mymail.mines.edu
Thu Mar 11 23:54:08 CST 2010

Oh I see. Sorry about that. You really should have done a better job of
explaining this in the first place.

OK, let me explain how this works to you. Wine doesn't really care what
your X server's file (or, in your case, bundle) on disk is called. When
it makes an X11 call, it expects an X server to be running. That's it.

If you do have an X server running, you can tell Wine to talk to it by
setting the DISPLAY environment variable to something appropriate.
Normally, that variable gets set for you. And that has to do with the
other situation...

...where there's NO X server running. On Mac OS, the reason X
automatically launches--or at least is supposed to automatically
launch--when Wine or anything tries to make an X11 call is that a
program called 'launchd' is waiting for someone to do this. 'launchd',
through a property list file (*.plist), knows the name of the X display,
so it exports it to the environment and waits for an X server call. When
it gets one, it launches X11 and forwards the call to it--after which
the X server functions like it does on Linux or any other system.

Therefore, if you want Wine to talk to your renamed X server, you need
to know the name of its display. Then you can set the DISPLAY
environment variable to that name so Wine can talk to the right X
server. It works the same way on Mac OS as it does on Linux, FreeBSD,
Solaris, etc.

HINT: If you start X11 from the command line, it will print the name of
the display to the console.


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