[Wine] Re: Wine Gecko install notification

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Mar 12 05:17:59 CST 2010

doh123 wrote

> oiaohm wrote:
> > Also wine versions changing can break applications from time to time.
> true, thats when I rebuild the prefix... if its messing up. Usually it seems to work ok though. 

You missed what I was getting at.  Wine does get regressions all the time.   Even  if rebuild works perfectly.   ABI/API changes can break stuff.

doh123 expecting users to be sane not wise.  We have learnt better.

Currently vitamin I can cancel the install of gecko and not be asked again.  Not going to cure the bad bug reporting problem current system.   Reason why I gave the bypass.  Ie solution does not work.

There are three possible valid solutions.

Solution 1)
A white list covering gecko missing.   Anything not on whitelist before running must have gecko installed.  Ie places up dialog to get gecko failure to install display message and fail out completely.  Anything on the whitelist does not bother checking for gecko and goes ahead anyhow.   Perfectly transparent to end users.   Gecko white-listing could be placed in winecfg.

Solution 2)
The other solution also has a messy side.  Get rid of gecko as a windows dll instead make it a normal dll.so of wine and a normal part of wine.

Solution 3)
A shared location for common windows dll's between wine and matching registry entries.   Again advantage secuirty what reason does any program have to alter gecko files.  Less windows parts alterable by rouge programs the better.

This would cure the bug reporting problem while keeping prefixs as small as able.   Current solution does not work.

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