[Wine] gl problems since upgrading..

zomgieee wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Mar 13 06:03:42 CST 2010

Hi guys,

In a classic case of "don't fix whats not broke" I wiped Linux Mint 6 off my HD and installed Linux Mint 8, and now I cannot get things to work well, or at all, in wine.

I presume its an open gl problem.

Games that used to work out of the box such as warcraft III just crash to a black screen.. or games that do work stutter and are unplayable, such as Half Life.

I initially was running the stable repositories version of wine, but since all the problems i tried upgading to the newest version, no joy.

Additionally i tried rolling back my nvidia drivers, no joy..

Thanks for reading my post guys,


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