[Wine] Install a with program multiple CDs on Wine, with a Mac

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 13 18:21:22 CST 2010

KaOSoFt wrote:
> I've been having the same issue.
> Is there a way to suggest this feature officially? I've tried all kind of things with my copy of Adobe Creative Suite, to no avail.
> Some people say to just press the eject button, and the disc will come out, which, obviously, doesn't happen, because it says that wineserver is currently using the drive. If I do "wine eject", it will successfully eject the disc, but the installation package won't recognize the second disc once inserted. I've tried all what's been mentioned, and given I only have like two months tinkering with Ubuntu, I can't do MUCH more. I'm starting to be a frustrated newbie.
Read the FAQ.  There is more to do than just 'wine eject' if you are
using multiple disks.

James McKenzie

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