[Wine] This is not no love, but to love and dignity(coach bags)

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This is not no love, but to love and dignity.
At that time, she is this talented woman in town, but also an extremely vulnerable woman. Like all couples in couples caught, as she often innocently asked the future, if once we broke up, I have the most difficult, you will also come forward and help me?
Women had no sense of security. Remark asked a thousand times thousand times. But she asked him a thousand times the same answer over and over 10000.
He also caught in love like all the men in the same gently Wen Zhu her, forbidding her to say anything more. He - fondly said: Yes, of course, little fool. Whatever you have any difficulties in the future, as long as I remember the first time, I will no turning back.coach bags (http://www.coachbagsoutlet.com)
Men want to protect a woman, which he never responsibility.
They are passionately in love in earnest. But like? Soon as the majority of the world, like love, the love in full swing through the period, they began to quarrel, sometimes only for a trivial matter. Perhaps Ai Zhishen only bar too sensitive. Sometimes she did not see his smiling face back home, she would have no reason to suspect, did not he do not love me?

They do not know if this is for coach bags (http://www.cheapcoachbags.us), like a vicious cycle in general. They have all sorts of things row, and the good, and good, quarrel. Finally one day, he was infinitely sad to say that we are still separate bar. I do not know why, but I feel with you, I am less and less happy.
She Lei Yu cats and dogs. In the end she was wrong, still love wrong?
Breaking up of the night, who struggled all night, as if sticking to the last time, she asked him over and over again, after breaking up you still remember me? We still friends? Do you still remember when you have my commitment, Whether I have any difficulties, you will be the first to stand up for people?
He said, Yes, I have not forgotten my vow. When you are in trouble, be sure to think of me. Afraid she would not be assured that he took the initiative to give her a piece of legislation a writings, read, no matter how the years change, when you have difficulties, please think of me the first one. I will not hesitate to help you.
She was out of the hospital, a serious illness, such as a rebirth. In order to rapidly pay off their debts she opened a snack barwoman who began bandaging the hand towel, in the smoked consisted in inflicting burns inside a man running after running before greeting guests. The expression on her face firm, she no longer complained about fate, and perhaps all have to rely on their own, when his station into a mountain, the woman is the best scenery.

One day, a car to open the snack bar her. The car down the guests entered the store, they recognized each other almost simultaneously. He was shocked, and she trembled, almost uncontrollable. A few years ago vivid eolian years, she turned to go, almost afraid to face him.
Finally calmed down, he gently asked her: Why do not you call me? Why do not you come to seek my help? Not say, when you the hardest when I will be the first person to come forward do?
She wiped her tears, smiled. Yes, she had thought to find him. Numerous times in the night, she holds all the writings he left her, to look for him, but she eventually did not. This is not because of she did not trust him, she knew that if she was looking for him and he will keep his original promise.
She did not look for him, is because once you really loved, and everyone in terms of time regardless of flow through certain number of years, must put their best face presented to the original lover, the largest commitment to the plight of a person in cheap coach bags (http://www.cheapcoachbags.us) . This is not no love, but to love and dignity.This article was writen by Lisactrytoo on 2010-3-15 from us-trade company.

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