[Wine] Re: trying to install adobe flash player

water_sun_sea wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Mar 22 06:00:23 CDT 2010

DaVince wrote:
> Wait, no Wine installed? You mean no 1.1.40, right? Because you don't need Wine to have Flash on your Linux system...
> Flash has a native Linux version it will always use. Installing the Windows version of Flash doesn't do anything to your Linux system, Linux apps just use the Linux version anyway. Installing Flash in Wine is intended to get Flash in apps running in Wine working...
> And yes, the Linux version of Flash is a bit crashy. [Rolling Eyes] Your best bet is to combine its usage with a browser like Chrome, which will only crash the one tab and not the entire browser if this happens.

Sorry for the confusion 

I have a laptop and a pc both running ubuntu 9.10 
what i meant was i have wine running on my pc and not my laptop 
and thats how i know it was flashplayer playing up 
for some reason flash player just works on my laptop , it must be because i dual boot with windows .
on my pc copy the flashplayer into the firefox plug-ins folder will not work like it does on my laptop .

so that is when i heard that i could use wine and use the windows firefox and flashplayer to play yoville .

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