[Wine] Re: Photoshop CS4 WINE version 1.1.17 - unable to locate three d

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Mar 23 10:39:01 CDT 2010

J5K wrote:
> What is the current support version of wine that this list will provide
> support on?

Support here is provided by ordinary users; whatever anyone wants to/is able to support will be supported.  In practice, that usually means the latest development version, because that's what the advanced users are using themselves. 

The problem for Photoshop CS4, of course, is that installing in the latest development version means compiling Wine yourself with commit  b8965ee7c90a687af4c84ad0ede73b1df901e16c reverted. That's what the AppDB says is the recommended way to install. Installing in 1.1.17 is mentioned, and specifically labeled not recommended. 

Now, if there were a user who had successfully installed CS4 in 1.1.17 and wanted to help you here, no one would stop them. There doesn't appear to be one. 

> The four Dlls set to Native only are:
> atmlib.dll
> gdiplus.dll
> AdobeOwl.dll
> AdobeOwlCanvas.dll
> i) Are any of these dlls included in wine (perhaps gdiplus which i can set to builtin to see what happens if it is included)?
> ii) Why are the gdiplus.dll AdobeOwl.dll AdobeOwlCanvas.dll unfound by wine?

1. Gdiplus is included with Wine; the others aren't. If you're using 1.1.17, you will need to set it to builtin in winecfg for Wine to use its own version as the default load order back then was to favor native gdiplus installed by the app itself, and according to http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18929 Photoshop CS4 does indeed install its own gdiplus.  
2. If you've set the dlls to native only and Wine can't find them, they're either not there at all or haven't been installed properly.

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