[Wine] Re: World of Warcraft - Screen Tearing

khormin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 25 04:38:57 CDT 2010

vitamin wrote:
> Wine is a user space application by definition it can not lockup / crash your system. Report that to your distro. Also you might be having some hardware issues.

Eh? I never said it locks up my system. The issue is the graphics 'tearing' - creating artifacts of color and geometric shapes. I haven't had this before.

The WINE does not 'lock up my system', nor crash it. Occasionally, the program (world of warcraft) will terminate after receiving these artifacts, but it will not do more than simply close the WINE application. My system is fine afterwards, and loading WoW does nothing further.

Hardware, other than the graphics card (reporting nominal) and the monitor (likewise) is brand new, less than five days old.

I have said in another thread similar to this one (cross-collaborating data sources: go!) that the issue does include a disability to update my ppa for the development WINE, though that doesn't crash my system either - it simply hangs until I terminate the process.

So I ask for you to please explain what you mean. So far, I'm just confused.

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