[Wine] Justvoip linux

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Fri Mar 26 13:18:49 CDT 2010

> hellork wrote:
> > Just write a cron job to send SMS via your provider's SMS relay website. Something like http://phone.isp/sms.html?n=5551212&m=hi+there
> Good one. But not so easy in Brazil.
> JustVoip, and derivates, actaully amaze me. Not even Google is able to send SMS to all phone providers here.

  One note from a user of FreeCall, Nonoh, LowRateVoip and others: I'm not using the clients for calling, I'm using either Asterisk or a SIP gateway (Linksys, Cisco ATA etc.). However, what I need the original clients for, is to set the account. For example, you can set your originating numbers (CLI) and there is NO way to set it by other means (from the web, by the phone). Without your CLI being set, the calls are delivered with pseudo-random intrnational CLIs with presentation restricted (CLIR supplementary service), so the called person sees "Private Call" and there are people ignoring "secret callers"...
  So, I'm also voting to fix wine at least to the level to be able to log in to the account and manage it. No real calling necessary (for me :-) ).
    With regards, Pavel.

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