[Wine] steam windows not working and tray icon broken?

tparker at etherstorm.net tparker at etherstorm.net
Sat Mar 27 19:14:54 CDT 2010

When I launch Steam through wine the main window loads fine and I can click to 
the games tab and see my games, but if I try to navigate to other windows 
within steam (settings, etc.) the space that window takes up flashes briefly 
then disappears. My task bar says the window is there, but I can't see it or 
do anything with it. 

Also, if I close the main Steam window and then try to re-open it from the 
icon that stays in the far right of the task bar, nothing happens. The icon 
flickers a bit but does not respond to clicks, right or left mouse button. The 
only way I can get the main Steam window back is to use my system monitor and 
kill Steam then restart it. I do not know if these problems are related to 
each other.

I didn't get any errors on install of Steam or when it crashes. I have tried 
the 'repair' option in the wine uninstall tool. All the Steam windows worked 
fine for me a few weeks ago (during the Star Trek Online and Global Agenda 
betas and release). I haven't been able to find this problem in google searches 
or the wineapp page for Steam, any ideas?

Wine 1.1.38 (newest my distro has)
Nvidia 6150 SE (190.53 driver)
Fedora 12KDE (32 bit)

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