[Wine] finding or creating ~/.wine folder (Snow Leopard problem)

hobbsilla wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 28 05:41:14 CDT 2010

So I installed the developer's Wine build on my Snow Leopard after searching the internet for close to two weeks i finally have a wine build (using the +universal build) on my hard drive. My only problem is I can't use wine because my Users/username/.wine folder does not exist, pumps out, wine: chdir to /Users/elixir/.wine 
: No such file or directory
after typing in wine and dragging the .exe file into the terminal.
Can someone please tell me how I can either find this .wine folder or how I can create it with my entire build within the folder?

I know most people would tell me that you need to read the FAQ to figure this out but I've been reading documentation non-stop and have not found the answer to my question. Can someone give my eyes a break and let me know how, if this is even possible, I can finally get a working build on Snow Leopard.

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