[Wine] Re: finding or creating ~/.wine folder (Snow Leopard problem)

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 28 13:45:02 CDT 2010

hobbsilla wrote:
> Thanks for the response but i still got the same response. I also have the Winebottler combo installed and it has its own directory should i uninstall Winebottler and sudo rm -rf its directory to see if it will work?

WineBottler (and any other 3rd party Wine usage app I know of) should not affect your normally installed and running Wine.

basically open up a terminal prompt and type in

wine winecfg

this will show a message that your .wine in your user folder has been updated... and you'll get winecfg open which you can use if you need, or close it... at this point .wine is created.

I'm not sure thats the root of your problem though.  What are you running thats trying to change directory to the .wine folder?  some type of start up script?  if you just type in to run the exe in wine, it shouldn't ever try to change directories over to .wine

Are you sure you got Wine installed correctly?

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