[Wine] Re: Mysterious 15 second startup delay running Wine as www-data

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 28 17:15:14 CDT 2010

happyguy Little blunt point.   Wine was not tested or designed or intended to be run the way you are doing.

One of the bugs in wine is that is does not start up at a constant speed.   Even as a regular user it can at random take over 20 secs to start.  This is not a suitable state for a web server.

www-data run as a normal user has normal console accesses.   Running as www-data from a web server does not.  Like really want reason does www-data under to know what partitions are on offer. 

I guess you have already disabled sound if not some of those seconds will be waiting for time outs on that.

Lot of places wine will be waiting for time outs due not being able to access particular things.   Note its not just o well lets give these to wine.   This is bugger need to alter wine not to ask for those under particular conditions so you don't create secuirty issues.

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