[Wine] Re: finding or creating ~/.wine folder (Snow Leopard problem)

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 28 17:47:12 CDT 2010

hobbsilla wrote:
> This is really frustrating. Its still giving me the error message of the ~/.wine folder not existing.
> I followed this guys tutorial perfectly and did the Snow Leopard options:
> http://davidbaumgold.com/tutorials/wine-mac/#part-3
> I got no error messages along the way while it was building. Is there anyway to change the root path or prefix or anything like that so the directory will be created? I can't create the directory in my home directory because I don't have permission despite using sudo. I wish this wasn't so troublesome unlike how it was in Ubuntu.

don't run Wine as root or use sudo to run... it will mess things up.  your normal user level access can write to your home folder.  you can set a different wineprefix for the run...
WINEPREFIX="$HOME/.wine2" wine winecfg
would run winecfg and use a prefix of .wine2 ..... creating it if it didnt exist.

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