[Wine] Re: SecuROM and Wine on Mac OS X

Haravikk wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 1 05:31:42 CDT 2010

doh123 wrote:
> It seems to run perfectly fine for me as well... all the way up until you start to create your character, then there is major graphical flaws.  That said I haven't tired since 1.1.40, so maybe something in 1.1.41-1.1.43 fixed it.

I'm using v1.1.43, default settings for pretty much everything (except for the emulated desktop, and coreaudio for sound), and I've tried it connected to the shipping version of X11, and v2.5.0 of XQuartz, runs extremely well except for the sound issue, and the fact half of my RAM stopped working so I have to quit pretty much everything or it stutters due to memory swapping.

But ehm, yeah, it runs pretty much perfectly otherwise, I have fairly low graphical settings at the moment (due to my current RAM limitation, I really hope that replacement arrives soon!), but I had it running great initially with max settings, HDR, max object distances etc., only the stutter forced me to drop the settings a bit.

Also, I've managed to get GOTY working; installed it in VMWare Fusion then copied it across to my wine "drive", then popped in the .exe from the version I'd been using before (so I could run without the disk).

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