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CDeLorme wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 2 11:33:30 CDT 2010

First, I want to thank you both for your very informative replies.  I do have a half-decent understanding of programming, primarily web development.  I've worked with loads of languages, but never a compiler, so I have virtually no experience using compilers, related environmental variables, and linkers (What are linkers exactly?).  This is not to say I don't comprehend how they work, just that I don't know what options there are and what values are acceptable.


Yeah, Snow Leopard compiles to 64 by default, but I managed to start reinstalling most with 32 bit or universal, in particular however I can't get it to recognize libjpeg at all.

Thank you for confirming that my Wine source was still trying to compile as 64 bit.  However, I thought that was the point of setting the CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS to "-arch i386 -m32"?  Any chance I am missing something?  Would it trying to compile as 64 bit interfere with the detection of libraries, such as the 32 bit libjpeg, or should it have no bearing on that?

Yeah, I found out hal wouldn't work real quick when I attempted a configure and it was looking for pci.ids in a non existant location.  I just looked through my libdbus install, it installed fine but it was x86_64, so it is 64 bit.

I have been running the --help for them, but all they give me is the environment variables like CC, CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, etc.  Having no experience with these and being unable to find any decent documentation all I've been able to do is randomly try stuff like "-arch i386", which isn't working.  The help files don't give me what values go there, only what variables effect the compiler.


I am comfortable with the command prompt, I don't mind making mistakes, or fixing them.

I knew about the file command, but I didn't know it worked on all files, that is wonderfully helpful.  In fact, I justed used it to check my jpeg lib, and as I feared it is still compiling into 64 bit, even though the configure log specifically showed i386.

For the Wine compilation I've been using all of the WineHQ Wiki resources extensively, that's why I set those environmental variables, I also knew about the DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH, so that isn't a problem.  The building on Mac OS X Page is one of many pages open in a tab in my browser when I was trying to get this working.

Initially I ran a ./configure --verbose without setting those variables, and recieved missing header errors, but those are fixed when I set the environmental variables.

When I initially installed wine with macports I used the following guide, it worked with no errors, but again wasn't as helpful in understanding what everything does (It is also a version behind):


I had no idea google created anything for this, that's certainly fantastic and I have no troubles looking through all of the details there, that's probably more helpful than the hundreds of pages I've read so far that haven't worked.


Alright, well at least I know what's wrong, but do either of you know any useful websites that show acceptable values for the CFLAGS, and similar environmental variables?  I've tried searchin GCC Environmental Variables, GCC Compiler Options, GCC Compiler Flags, etc.  The only useful pages I find have random examples, most of them are dated so they generally don't work for me.

I appreciate all your help so far and will proceed to tear apart the google code for answers.  If you have any helpful resources for the compiler flags that would be fantastic.  I will continue to post my progress.


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