[Wine] Run WINE on Windows?

Kurt M. Weber wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 2 13:51:17 CDT 2010

Just hear me out for a moment :)

I have a Linux desktop, that up until I bought a laptop with Windows 7 was my sole computer that dual-booted Slackware and Windows XP.  When I still had Windows XP on the desktop, I fell in love with EA Sports's NASCAR SimRacing.

Around the time I got the laptop, the hard drive on which XP was installed began to fail, so I disconnected it and disposed of it, and didn't bother to replace it with another hard drive w/Windows because my new laptop served just fine for Windows stuff.

Now, while I loved NASCAR SimRacing, it had some performance issues.  Specifically, after about half an hour or so the system would spontaneously reset, which was a problem since the only problem with NSR itself is that it has no in-race save feature.  I suspected that that was due to overheating--airflow is a problem since the only place I had (and still have) to keep that desktop is in a fairly confined space.

Because of this, I don't want to try to run SimRacing in WINE on the Linux installation on that same desktop--if it had problems running natively in Windows, it's likely to be absolutely unusable with WINE/Linux.

Now, I've tried to run NSR on my Windows 7 laptop, only to discover that they are incompatible.  However, looking through the AppDB, it appears that NSR runs excellently under WINE.  Thus, what I'd like to do is be able to find a way to run WINE on Windows 7, so I can run NSR through it and see how well I can get it to work.


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