[Wine] linux media player as default media player for WINE

Gunther Furtado gunfurtado at gmail.com
Wed May 5 11:23:13 CDT 2010


First post, so please be nice ; )

I am trying to set my linux vlc as default media player for wine. I am
trying to do that because i use a software called TVAnts to tune tv
channels and I would like to skip one step of the process which is
starting vlc or any other media player and point it to the address of
the stream. something like:

$ vlc http://localhost:16900/1.asf

As I understand from [1] and [2], I have to add something like
[@="\"/usr/bin/vlc\" \"-zoom\" \"%L\""] in the .reg files using
regedit but I can't get exactly what line I should alter.




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