[Wine] Dawn of War: Dark Crusade model problems

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Thu May 6 21:46:48 CDT 2010


I've recently installed Wine and Steam on my Linux (OpenSuse 11.2 KDE) instalation and have run into problems. The models do not show correctly in Dawn of War:Dark Crusade. They are mostly either invisible or distorted beyond recognition. Everything else about the game seems to work fine. I could post a screen shot if people would find that helpful. 

I'm running Wine 1.1.43-6.1 with OpenSuse 11.2 under KDE. I installed my graphics driver for an ATI 3850 using YaST and have version 8.723-1 of the package fglrx64_7_4_0_SUSE112 installed. Its version number is listed in red. Another package, named x11-video-fglrxG02, is also installed. It also has the same description as the first one namely: X Window display driver for the ATI graphics accelerators. Is this a problem? The red would indicate to me there's something wrong if I undertand it correctly. 

I tried earlier to install the latest graphics drivers using the RPM package from ATI's website, but it never worked for me. I lost my GUI. 

I have played this game before successfully without this problem on previous incarnation of this system. 

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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