[Wine] Perfect world - mouse not appearing

Lollypop wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 7 10:54:18 CDT 2010

hello, i have wanted to play perfect world on osx for a while now but i have suddenly found out how to do it!

on the launcher after i press start, it used to give me an error which had intelligeble language but i spotted DirectX hidden in there. So i searched the net and found that i had to emulate the virtual desktop. now it works and goes to the log in part but the mouse doesnt work! it just flashes :(

is there a way to get this to work? or a way to make my normal osx mouse appear over the game instead of using the game's mouse?

and one more thing, when i had the game "optimised" for my computer, the graphics go all glowy and blurry, but for now i will try to get it to work on minimum graphics. 

Thanks for your time :)

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