[Wine] Re: Perfect world - mouse not appearing

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 8 14:02:56 CDT 2010

Lollypop wrote:
> i remember i had wine bottler 
> and i have winetricks.. some how...
> i looked on the update and it is still 1.1.43
> How do i use the source on a mac? or the others, which is better? :(

its more of a preference thing than a "better" ...

You can build it from source yourself... sure, if your used to things like that.

The easiest way to install Wine from source is to use Macports... but your going to end up installing and using it all command line.  If you don't want to go command line, Wineskin (Which I make) and WineBottler are both not supported here, but work on making Wine a bit more user friendly on Macs.

For gaming, if you do not wanting to pay for Crossover Games (which is a very nice product and supports Perfect World and Jade Dynasty as far as I remember), I'd suggest Wineskin (http://wineskin.doh123.com/), not just cuz I make it, but cuz I focus on gaming, and I have it use its own X11 built in, not the X11.app on your machine, with some work arounds for fullscreen gaming and resolution changes that normal X11.app cannot do normally.

Wineskin is not really designed specifically for general Wine usage, and can be a bit more technical to use, since I made it more as a tool people can use to make a finished wrapper/port of a game and share it with other people, very customized with special Wine builds available (kind of like hacked Cider versions of games floating around the web, but using Wine).  Sadly I'm having issues with 1.1.44 and cannot get it built at all, so I still only have 1.1.43 as the newest.  Although technically you could find my Star Trek Online 1.2beta wrapper and borrow the WineskinEnigne.bundle out of that.. its 1.1.43 with the mouse problem fixed... but this all might be a bit more technical than you are wanting to go.

Still, if you just want to easily play and have the best normal Wine usage experience on your Mac, Crossover Games has many many advantages and is very user friendly, I consider it worth the price.

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